Sleep Must Haves

Sleep bags

A sleep bag is essentially what you’d get if you combined all the best attributes of a cozy, comfy sleeping bag with a soft and lightweight baby blanket. I recommend them for a number of reasons, which I discuss in the blog.

Among my favourite brands of sleep bags are Ry & Pen (use code THEHAPPYSLEEPCOMPANY for 20% off your order!), Loulou LOLLIPOP (use code HAPPYSLEEP15 for 15% off your order!) – we love both brands for their breathability, comfort, simplicity, and safety!

Another great sleep bag option is Woolino – Their award-winning 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag is made with super-fine and supremely breathable merino wool, so it helps keep your baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm – the perfect temperature all year round! (Use code THEHAPPYSLEEPCOMPANY10 for 10% off when you purchase from the Woolino website).

quality crib mattress

We talk a lot about room environment – Dark, quiet, peaceful, no distractions. But what about what baby sleeps ON? The crib mattress can go a long way towards healthy rest! My favourite crib mattress is by Obasan – they are made with quality organic materials and completely chemical-free. They are breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to regulate baby’s temperature throughout the night. (Cooler is better for sleep!)

I was so thrilled to be introduced to this brand that I’ve now partnered up with Obasan and they are offering Happy Sleepers 10% off your purchase of an Obasan crib mattress! Purchase your crib mattress at or, or in store, and use code HAPPYSLEEP! 


We all want our littles to sleep in total comfort – so, we’ve teamed up with Dreams Jumper to offer all you Happy Sleepers a discount on their amazing bedding products! 
Dreams Jumper mixes simplicity and luxury, and uses the highest quality fabrics to offer your little ones bedding essentials that are eco-friendly and timeless. My own little girl sleeps on a Dreams Jumper fitted twin sheet – it is so incredibly soft and lovely for the sweetest sleep for your babe! Their crib sheets are the perfect way to create a safe and oh-so-comfy sleep experience for your babe; and, their twin sheets, toddler duvet sets and linen blankets are also great for when your babe graduates to a big kid bed! Use code HAPPYSLEEP15 to get 15% off your whole Dreams Jumper order, anytime!! Have fun shopping, Mamas!!

comfort objects

For older children, a parent may wish to consider offering a comfort object for sleep. Recommendations suggest nothing of this nature in the crib earlier than the age of one, but as a toddler, it may be helpful to allow your child something small and soft and safe to provide extra comfort for sleep.

I do suggest only one sleep object, to reduce stall tactics (“Froggy tonight! No, Bunny tonight! NO! Duckie tonight!!”) after the lights are out. And, be sure to get a duplicate, for the wash cycle or in case the original ever gets lost!

Jellycat animals are some of my very favourite comfort objects!

Duet by YogaSleep - Baby Sleep Must Have


If you live on a busy street, have a loud pet, or have an older child sometimes being loud and disturbing naptime, a sound machine be a great idea!

When using a sound machine, I recommend it be on a “white noise” setting, and that it runs continuously, not on a timer. I also recommend, for safety, that it be placed about 5-10 feet from your child’s crib, and that it be about the same volume level that you’d experience when standing under a soft shower (under 50 decibels).

One of our favourite sound machines, the Duet by Yogasleephas a “white noise” setting, a timer that can be turned OFF, and a volume function with a wide range of settings, and can even act as a wireless speaker. It also has a soft nightlight for when your babe is a little older and might want a light on at night. The HoMedics MyBaby sound machine is another great option, including a battery option for power outages! 

Blackout blinds & curtains

Children sleep more easily when not surrounded by loads of light and many distractions, so keep bright sunlight (or artificial light such as street lamps) out of your little one’s sleep space.

Consider blackout curtains (We love Bouclairs!) installed over a blackout blind (Select Blinds has some incredible roller blind options! You can even do an outside-mount to get total darkness for the most sleep-conducive space for your babe). Use code HAPPY10 when shopping online at Select Blinds Canada for 10% off your purchase!

Another fantastic blackout option that many of our clients love is the Blackout EZ Window Cover.

Blackout Blinds for Infants Room by The Happy Sleep Company
Duet by YogaSleep - Baby Sleep Must Have


Let’s face it, good diapers and good sleep go hand in hand – nobody wants a leaky nappy being the reason your baby is waking at night when they otherwise may have slept through! Enter, Rascal +  Friends New Overnights.

Made with innovative absorbency features like a unique 3D core, liquid dispersion layer, double leak guards and breathable outer-layer, Rascal and Friends Overnights will keep your little one comfy and dry all-night long.

Parents on our very own Happy Sleep team have tried Rascal and Friends Overnights with their own babes and LOVE them!

Say goodbye to leaking diapers, soiled PJs and changing your baby’s sheets in the night and every morning. Shop Rascal + Friends Overnights!

happy sleep

On The Go

Portable Blackout Blinds for Kids on a Window

Whether you simply don’t feel like investing in custom blackout blinds for the nursery, or you like to travel and find it hard to make hotel rooms as dark as home, the Sleepout Blackout Curtain is a fantastic option for making any room dark in a hurry! It’s compact enough to fold up for travel, but large enough to cover many windows! (And it comes in 2-packs and 4-packs if needed for bigger or more windows).

The best part? It sticks to any window with a unique locking suction cup design (no duct-taping garbage bags together for a curtain solution!), and the cups are designed in a way to block out light at the top of the window too! Use code HAPPYSLEEP10 for 10% off your Sleepout Blackout Curtain.

Travel Crib

The Silver Cross Slumber travel crib starts as a Newborn Bassinet, grows to a Toddler Crib & transforms into not just a playard, but your little’s favourite play space thanks to its fun zip-up door design. All with a simple shake-open set up that packs up just as easily so you can take a piece of home with you—everywhere.

Find it in Canada and the USA.


The SlumberPod is a quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies and toddlers get a good night’s sleep, especially while travelling and/or sharing a room with others! Use code thehappysleepcompany at checkout for 5% off your order at!

SlumberPod completely encloses a Play Yard/Pack & Play/Travel Crib, and:

· Is dark, creating an optimal sleep environment
· Passes applicable consumer product safety tests|
· Bottomless (designed to enclose a standard sized travel crib or playard)|
· Lightweight and compact (fits inside carry-on luggage) – includes travel bag
· Quick and easy to set up and disassemble
· Made of breathable fabric
· Outfitted with ventilation windows

SlumberPod advises that their product passes all applicable juvenile product safety tests in the United States, Canada and Europe.

happy sleep



SlumberTot is the only inflatable toddler travel bed perfectly sized to fit inside SlumberPod, our favourite quick-assembly privacy pod.  SlumberTot pairs a soft-touch sleep surface with integrated side rails for air-filled comfort and peace of mind wherever you may roam. 
  • Portable and comfortable place to sleep 
  • Great for sleepovers, Grandma’s, vacation, and more 
  • The only air mattress perfectly sized to use with SlumberPod (sold separately); or use SlumberTot on its own 
  • For toddlers and children age 2 and up 
  • Built in bumpers provide added safety and peace of mind 
  • Inflates in under two minutes with the included electric pump 
  • Convenient shoulder bag for storage and travel 
  • Fits standard playard sheet (sold separately) 


  • Two piece air mattress 
  • Electric pump 
  • Three pump nozzles 
  • Shoulder bag for storage and travel 
  • Two repair patches 
Visit and and use discount code thehappysleepcompany


If your toddler or preschooler is making 5am wake up calls part of the routine in your house, a wake up clock may help.

The Groclock uses fun images of stars and sun to help your little ones learn when it’s time to rise and shine and when it’s time to go back to sleep! Throughout the night the Groclock will show its moon screen and the stars will countdown to the time you have set for the sun to come up.

There is an option to have the screen be blue at night, or to turn the light off completely at night if it is too bright for your child. I recommend the Groclock no earlier than 2.5 years of age, and for most children 3 years and older is better, as this is when they more fully-comprehend it and therefore it is more effective.

quality pillow

A pillow is generally only needed once your child transitions from a crib to a “big kid bed” and I recommend the transition to a bed occur around the age of 3. Of course, every child is different and some may be comfortable with a pillow in a crib a bit sooner than this, around 2-2.5 years of age. When you do introduce one, I recommend a toddler pillow that is thin and reasonably firm, given that their little necks and spines are still very much developing. My own little lady has an incredible shredded rubber pillow from Obasan. Obasan’s luxurious Organic Rubber Toddler Pillow will give your little one the proper head and neck support they need throughout the night.

Other signs to watch for that your kiddo may sleep more comfortably with a pillow include:
· Resting the head on a blanket or stuffed animal.

· Laying head on a pillow on the couch or in your bed.

Also keep in mind, once your child’s shoulders are wider than her head then she will usually be more comfortable sleeping on a pillow than a flat mattress.

For older children and grown ups, Obasan’s Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow is also a great option! Get a 10% discount on all Obasan pillows (including their new Organic Pregnancy Pillow!) with code HAPPYSLEEP. 


Disclaimer: I only provide reviews and recommendations for products when I feel they are of great quality. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I am a member of several affiliate marketing programs and, as such, I do receive a commission for purchases made through some product links on this website.