Toddler / Preschooler Sleep Program

$550.00$675.00 CAD


Toddlers and Preschoolers are meant to test boundaries – it’s their job! They are learning about cause and effect, rewards and consequences, and how the whole world around them really works. This is fantastic, and so amazing to watch and absorb as parents. However, toddlerhood can also wreak havoc on sleep! This program is well-suited for families of children who are 2.5-3 years or older and no longer sleeping in a crib. I will work closely with you to examine your child’s sleep needs, sleep challenges, and to overcome these difficulties to help your little one get amazing sleep, all night long, in their bed (and take proper naps!)

This program includes:

  • Initial questionnaire and sleep tracking, to assess your child’s sleep and individual family situation
  • Private, 1.5 hour consultation (either In-Home or Virtual via Skype/Facetime – see prices below) where we will discuss your initial paperwork, do a sleep-space assessment, discuss awake times, daytime feeding and sleeping schedules, and review your full sleep program together
  • Customized sleep plan provided to you following your consultation
  • Daily email support for 14 days, which includes daily review of sleep tracking and answers to your questions
  • Three 20-minute phone calls during the 14-day program
  • The Happy Sleep Company’s Tips & Resource Guide, helpful to have on hand for the future

Refunds requested within 72 hours will be honored if no services have been rendered. Your refund will be sent via eTransfer minus a $50 processing fee.