Newborn Sleep Guide

$69.00 CAD


The Newborn Sleep Guide is ideal at 0-6 weeks of age; this package is for parents-to-be or those who have just welcomed a new bundle to the world, and want high-level sleep tips and healthy sleep habits in place from the start. Of course, in the first few months, your little one will need frequent feeds and tons of healthy Zs! The Newborn Sleep Guide is about sleep education for parents and instilling proper goals for healthy sleep habits from an early age.

This program includes:

  • Newborn Sleep Guide (PDF) – includes sleep goals for the newborn stage, tips for calming your fussy baby, age-appropriate awake times for a newborn, and setting up your days and nights for sleep success!
  • The Happy Sleep Company’s Tips & Resource Guide, to have on hand for down the road, covering issues like travel, illness, nap transitions, and much more!

*Due to the automatic download nature of these products, refunds are not available for Sleep Guides