4 to 10 Month Sleep Guide

$39.00 CAD


Your baby has now graduated from the newborn stage and is exhibiting new developmental and cognitive patterns as an older infant. All of this can play a big roll in sleep!

This guide covers:

  • Physical and cognitive milestones to expect in this stage
  • Managing the Four Month Sleep Regression
  • Appropriate awake times from four to ten months
  • Sample sleep schedules
  • And much more! (Teething, rolling, etc!)

Remember, our Guides are meant for parents looking for detailed advice on scheduling specifics and various sleep transitions (rolling, teething, and more!). If what you need is a specific sleep training strategy, we offer families step-by-step, personalized plans and support through our Sleep Services!

*Due to the automatic download nature of these products, refunds are not available for Sleep Guides