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our little guy was sleeping independently through the night in no time

“Before working with the Happy Sleep Company, our baby would wake many times a night and needed us constantly to fall back asleep. We were exhausted and discouraged.

We decided to work with Erin back in January and immediately felt so comfortable with her. The entire experience went beautifully! Our little guy was sleeping independently through the night in no time with Erin’s strategies. Her approach offers baby so much love and support while learning how to fall asleep on his own without any sleep crutches.

We cannot thank her enough. Hubby and I have our evenings back and we now have a happy and well-rested baby!”

our only regret was not starting sooner

“The Happy Sleep Company was the best investment we made as new parents. We were lucky to work with Alessia, who was super encouraging, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and supportive.

As a sleep-deprived mom who was getting up several times a night at 8 months for feedings, I knew I needed some help. I was scared to sleep train as I didn’t want to be “mean” or make my baby upset but after sticking to Alessia’s plan for two nights, we ended up with a happier, better-rested babe (not to mention, mom & dad). Our only regret was not starting sooner. We can’t recommend Alessia and The Happy Sleep Company enough!

would pay the money 20 times over again, so worth it!

“After a lot of long sleepless nights, we decided to work with the happy sleep company after a friend of ours raved about their own success.

We worked with Molly, and right from the start she was amazing, she was super knowledgeable, answered questions around the clock and with some small tweaks, we were able to change our daughter’s schedule. By night 3 our once every 2-3 hour waker, was sleeping 12 hours a night straight! Since then she’s been a fantastic sleeper and her naps are amazing too!

We are so so thankful for Molly and the help we got, to have support from someone during this process is everything. I would pay the money 20 times over again, so worth it!! Our daughter is happy and sleeps amazing.

skip buying the books and just hire someone from this company, it's efficient and it works!

“MIRACLE! We just finished our 2 week program with Liz and that is what this experience has been for me and my family, a MIRACLE. We came to Liz with our 8 month old who was waking up multiple times throughout the night and was not a great napper. I was at the end of my rope and my mental health was really suffering because of this. We tried the books and advice from friends but it didn’t work.

Liz walked us through the steps to helping our baby get better sleep and it worked! Night 1 was the only time our baby woke throughout the night and since then she has been taking napes every day and sleeping through the night which means I can now sleep as well. Sure, the price seemed like a lot before we started but now I can honestly say it was the best money I have ever spent. Skip buying the books and just hire someone from this company, it’s efficient and it works!

after our first night of following the plan, our son slept straight through until morning!

“We had such a wonderful experience working with Lauren from The Happy Sleep Company! Before sleep training began, our son was waking throughout the night and would only nap for 30min stretches during the day.

After our first night of following Lauren’s plan, our son slept straight through until morning! Needless to say, we were hooked on sleep coaching right from the beginning. Lauren was a supportive coach who listened to our concerns and offered helpful suggestions/feedback each day. She was prompt in her responses and always explained the reasoning behind the formulated plan.

We will be encouraging our friends and family with little ones to work with her in the future! Thanks Lauren!

our son’s sleep is no longer a source of stress and I’m finally able to sleep at night

“We worked with Kristen from the Happy Sleep Company last winter when our then 15-mo was resisting his naps at home and still waking up at night.

We are very pleased with the outcome: after only a couple of nights, our son was sleeping through the night and napping at home without a problem. Since finishing the program, we went through illnesses, teething, daylight savings, travel, dropping a nap, and we’ve always been able to return to our sleep schedule without a problem. Our son’s sleep is no longer a source of stress and I’m finally able to sleep at night. We only wish we had done this sooner!


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why happy sleep?

The Happy Sleep Company was born out of the firm belief that a well-rested family is a healthier and happier family.

As both a seasoned Sleep Consultant and a well-rested mom, Founder Erin Junker has seen the amazing effects of children’s healthy sleep habits on the overall happiness of families.

Our mission is to help exhausted parents help their little ones gain the healthy, restful sleep they need through a supportive and guided approach. Our sleep programs involve working closely with families to learn about your child’s needs, with the result being lifelong healthy sleep habits for your little one, and amazing sleep for your whole family.

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